Outdoor Improvements To Reduce Your Home Insurance Rates

Your home insurance rates are based on a lot of factors, some of which involve your surrounding environment. If you want to improve your home and reduce your home insurance premiums, there are a few improvements you may want to prioritize. These are improvements that reduce your overall risk as well as your insurance expenses.

Privacy and Safety Fencing

Privacy fencing around your home reduces the chances of intruders, while safety fencing around a pool can reduce the chances of a harmful accident. Installing privacy fencing is an investment in the security of your home and can also come with some substantial discounts.

Install an Outdoor Security System

Outdoor cameras, lights, and other security features can easily reduce your homeowner's insurance costs, as they decrease the chances that you could be burglarized. Monitored systems will generally reduce your premiums more, but any security features are usually beneficial.

Removing Any Unused Features

If you have a hot tub or swimming pool that you never use, you might want to consider removing it. Something new and sparkling could be improving your property values, but an old, cracked pool isn't going to be beneficial when you sell. Removing unused features can reduce your insurance by a lot, both because they're no longer a hazard and because the insurance company doesn't have to insure their replacement.

Consider a New Roof

If your roof is over 15 to 20 years old, you might want to consider replacing it entirely. Most roofs have a lifespan of 20 years or so. Once they start leaking and needing repairs regularly, installing a new one will usually be more cost-effective over time. A new roof will reduce your insurance rates.

Cutting Down Any Damaged Trees

If you have damaged trees on your property, they're an expensive risk. A damaged tree could fall on either your home or a neighbor's home, and they could cause significant and expensive damage. This risk may already be factored into your home insurance rates. If not, the damaged tree itself is likely to fall eventually, which will ultimately increase your insurance rates because you'll need to make a claim. 

For the most part, everything you do to reduce your risk can ultimately save you money, as it lowers your likelihood of claims. In terms of actual discounts, every home insurance company is different, so you may want to inquire with your personal insurance company first. They'll be able to give you a comprehensive list of discounts available for your home.

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