Does Car Insurance Cover Damage Caused By Rodents?

It is almost impossible to keep all rodents and pests away from a house, and this means that there is always a chance that rodents will get into the engine compartment of your car and destroy things. Rodents are known for chewing through wires and other parts, and they can cause a lot of damage. If you have car insurance, though, it may cover the costs of damage caused by rodents, so here are a couple of things to understand about using car insurance for this purpose.

Comprehensive Insurance Is Coverage That Might Offer Protection

The first thing to understand is that car insurance has a lot of different types of coverages, and one of these is called comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is the type of coverage designed for accidents that involve theft to a car, deer collisions, or trees falling on cars. It is not the type that covers damages caused by collisions with other vehicles. The good news is that comprehensive coverage often provides coverage for damage caused by rodents. While every policy is different, if you have comprehensive insurance, you will most likely have coverage for the damage rodents caused in your car.

There Are Exceptions

As with all types of insurance coverage, there are exceptions to this rule. One exception is if you keep your car stored in a storage unit and are not monitoring it or using it daily. When you park your car somewhere so that you don't see or use it often, there is a much higher chance that rodents will come in and cause damage to it.

You Should View Your Deductible Before Making a Claim

The other important thing you should know is the amount of your deductible for your comprehensive coverage, and you should also get an estimate for repairs needed to fix the damage the rodents did. If you find that your deductible is higher than the costs for repairs needed, you may want to just pay the bill out of your pocket. If the deductible is lower than the repairs you need, you'll probably want to go ahead and file a claim with your insurance company for the cost of the repairs needed to fix your car.

Having comprehensive car insurance might not be mandatory for you, but it is always a good type of coverage to have for things like this. If you would like to get auto insurance that has comprehensive coverage, call an agent today.