Should You Opt For A Public Insurance Adjuster? Information To Help You Decide

Dealing with any insurance claim is likely to be time-consuming and tedious. In many cases, insurance claimants are able to eventually work through the logistics of their claim and reach an agreeable settlement with their insurance company. This is especially true when the claim is fairly small and uncomplicated, such as those that involve a minor vehicle accident or storm damage to the roof. 

In situations that seem more complicated, professional assistance is available for claimants in the form of public insurance adjusters. If you are unfamiliar with public adjusters, this information will help you better understand the potential benefits they offer and when you might be wise to hire one. 

What does a public insurance adjuster do? 

Even though most claimants have a pleasant relationship with their insurance carrier, agent, or broker, that may seem to change once a claim has been filed. At that point, the insurance company will seek to investigate the incident and decide whether they feel it is a valid claim. 

Even when found to be valid, an insurance company will likely attempt to settle the claim for a sum that the claimant may not feel is fair. Unlike the insurance company, a public insurance adjuster is not focused on keeping insurance settlements within particular ranges because they are working solely for the claimant. 

What are some examples of situations that call for the use of public insurance adjuster? 

Because the claimant must pay for the services of a public insurance adjuster, it is important to determine when it is financially feasible to do so. The fee is typically a percentage of the amount of the settlement payment the claimant eventually receives, with the upper limit capped in some states. 

Reasons to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster include situations where the claim is likely to be complicated, such as a large commercial or business insurance claim. It can also be wise for residential property owners who have suffered a major loss due to a fire or other casualty and who will need the settlement to be sufficient to allow for rebuilding their home and replacing furnishings and personal items. 

Hiring a public insurance adjuster can also be smart when convenience is important, such as when work or family matters prevent the claimant from dealing with the details of a claim. Likewise, if the claimant must travel or be away from the area during the claims process, the services of a public adjuster can be a good alternative to protect their interests and facilitate the claim in their absence. 

To learn more, take time to discuss your situation with a public insurance adjuster like Anthony Ricciardi Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster in your immediate area.