3 Important Things To Understand About Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

When it comes to Medicare, you need to be aware of multiple different types of insurance. To start with, there is original Medicare, which is classified as Part A and Part B, and then are there Medicare Advantage Plans, or Part C, which are offered by private insurance companies but meet the government standards. If you quality for Medicare, it is important to understand how Medicare Part C coverage works.

1. Offers the Same Benefits as Original Medicare Part A and B

As a minimum, all of the Medicare Part C Advantage plans have to offer anyone who enrolls in their plan the same basic care they would get if they enrolled in original Medicare Parts A and B. That means any benefits that one would get under original Medicare have to be offered to anyone with a Part C plan.

2. Can Offer More Than Original Medicare Part A and B

What really draws people to Medicare Advantage Plans is that they can also offer more benefits than original Medicare Part A and B. These services are generally offered free of charge. The exact extras that are offered depend upon the specific Medicare Advantage Plan that one chooses.

Common "extras" added to Medicare Advantage Plans include hearing services, vision care, and dental care. One's hearing, vision, and dental often need just as much attention as the rest of their body, making Medicare Advantage Plans attractive for individuals who don't want to have to pay out of pocket for hearing, vision, or dental care or don't want to enroll in a Medigap Plan.

When looking at Medicare Advantage Part C plans, it is essential to see what they offer, as each plan doesn't offer the same extra perks.

3. More Limited Health Care Providers

The tradeoff for getting additional services with a Medicare Advantage Part C plan is that you have to work with healthcare providers within that insurance plan's network. If you get care outside of the network, you will have to shoulder more of the cost of that care.

With Medicare Advantage Plans, it is essential to check and see what providers are in their network. If you are already working with healthcare providers that you like, you will want to see if they are part of the Medicare Advantage Plan you are interested in. You will also want to examine the volume of providers the plan offers and ensure there are enough providers to take care of your needs where you live.

If you want to get additional healthcare services covered with your Medicare insurance, you will want to look into the Medicare Advantage Part C plans in your area. You will want to find one with a good network of medical professionals to work with and that offers you the additional services, such as vision and dental care, that you need. You can enroll in Medicare Part C during the open enrollment period each year or when you initially sign up for Medicare.

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