These Lifestyle Factors Could Affect Your Home Insurance Quote

Do you have plans to get home insurance for the first time? If so, you might wonder what factors insurance companies use to formulate policy costs. There are a number of factors that an insurance agency can use for quotes. This is why homeowners with homes of the same size, with the same features, and in the same area might have different quotes from the same insurance company. Lifestyle and other factors can impact monthly premium costs. The following point covers a few things that might influence your home insurance quote.

Credit Score

Almost everything involving finances involves a quick look at credit scores. When you buy a home, credit is crucial to get approved. A home insurance agency will also need to review your credit. Your premiums might be higher if your credit is not good or excellent. You can work towards raising your scores by doing things like paying your mortgage on time. As your score improves, you might see lower premiums in the future.


You likely view your pets as part of your family. Insurance companies do too. Pets can cause proper damages, and some pets such as dogs may cause bodily injury resulting in claims. Dogs do not have to be aggressive for an accident to occur.  Even if you have a pet that is contained such as a fish, you could get a higher insurance quote. An insurance agency might view the fish aquarium as a potential risk for water damage. Aquariums can break or leak water. 


This is a factor to insurance companies because they need to assess risks. Younger individuals will likely have higher premiums than older adults due to perceived higher risk. However, years of not having to file claims could result in lowered premiums in the future. 

Marital Status

Your marital status may matter when it comes to your home insurance. Married individuals might get lower premiums based on the premise of stability. It is possible for some married individuals to have higher premiums when certain situations exist such as a history of filing claims versus a single individual who has does not have a history of filing insurance claims.

An insurance company is a good resource to use to learn more about factors that impact home insurance quotes. If your decision to buy a home has put you on a tight budget, they can ensure that you have at least the minimum requirements needed. You can make changes to your policy in the future when your budget improves. Some homeowners forego add-ons initially because of the additional costs associated with them.