Is Pay per Mile Motorcycle Insurance Right for You?

Are you struggling to choose between a standard motorcycle insurance policy and a pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance policy? If so, taking the time to answer the questions outlined below can help you to determine once and for all if a pay-per-mile policy may be the right option for your motorcycle insurance needs.

Does Your Use Of Your Motorcycle Fluctuate Frequently?

Do you ride your motorcycle frequently some months and then not at all during other months? If you find that your motorcycle usage fluctuates rather frequently, a pay-per-mile policy can be the perfect solution for your motorcycle insurance coverage needs. While standard motorcycle insurance policies require you to pay the same monthly premium regardless of how much you use your motorcycle, a pay-per-mile policy will offer an adjustable rate that only charges you based upon the number of miles that you have ridden each month. 

Do You Want To Preserve The Right To Ride Your Motorcycle Year-Round?

While it is quite common for motorcycle riders to take at least one season off during the year due to inhospitable riding conditions, many of these same riders still wish to preserve their right to ride if they so choose. This is because even during the off-season, it is quite common to have a few fair-weather days when riding is possible. If you purchase a standard policy you will not be able to take your motorcycle out on the road no matter how nice the weather is if you have chosen to take advantage of the off-season lay-up coverage that these policies typically offer. This is not the case with pay-per-mile policies. Unlike standard insurance policies, these pay-per-mile policies allow you to preserve your ability to take your bike out for a ride any time you want.

Do You Only Want To Pay For The Insurance Coverage You Use?

Unless you have unlimited amounts of money that you just cannot find any other way of spending, there is a very good chance that you answered yes to this question. After all, no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on insurance coverage that they are not using. Pay per mile motorcycle insurance policies can help to ensure that you never pay for coverage you don't need by allowing you to adjust how much you pay each month based on whether or not you have used your motorcycle. If you choose not to use your motorcycle, you will not need to worry about paying for the insurance coverage necessary for you to be on the road. 

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