Should You Hire A Public Adjuster When Filing A Homeowner's Insurance Claim?

Whether due to a fire, flood, or vandalism, you may be able to recover your financial loss by filing a homeowner's insurance claim. You can file a claim on your own, but hiring a public insurance adjuster to represent you may be of benefit. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a public adjuster at some point throughout the claims process: You're Facing a Large Loss Facing the possibility of a big financial loss is one good reason to consider hiring a public adjuster to help you file a homeowner's insurance claim.

3 Things To Know When Insuring A Vehicle With A Salvage Title

Purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title can be a good move in some cases; for example, it could be a good way to buy a nice vehicle for a fraction of what you would pay for it otherwise. In other cases, you might own a vehicle that is "totaled" in an accident but might find that having it repaired is a good move for you. In either case, one thing that you have to worry about is insuring the vehicle.

Driving For Money? Here's How To Make It Legal

The sharing economy has presented many private citizens with the ability to rent out their time, homes, or possessions to make a few extra dollars. Arguably, this is great for both buyers and sellers, since it allows for a greater range of options to make and spend money. But if you find yourself selling services in the sharing economy, you may wonder what the legal implications are. For rideshare drivers, that is a reasonable concern.

Do I Need To Insure My Solar Panels?

After you have invested in your solar panels on your roof, you may have a few questions. Will your solar panels be insured under your homeowner's insurance policy? Will you need to purchase more insurance for your solar panels? The best way to find out is to call your insurance provider, but there are some general rules for whether your solar panels will be covered by your insurance. You May Not Need Insurance

Information That's Helpful To Know When Insuring A Newly Purchased Vehicle

When you buy a new vehicle, the time to insure it is before you climb behind the wheel. Whether you are driving it off a dealership lot or from the driveway of a private owner, it's important to understand the coverage your existing auto policy provides. Grace Period If you are buying a vehicle from a dealership, you usually have to show proof that you are currently insured. Depending on the specifics of your policy, your new vehicle may be covered temporarily.